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ECOLOGY S.r.l. believes in innovative solutions
that help us to improve our quality of life.
Ornamental plants are fundamental
to creating a natural feel indoors,
but are often be difficult to look after horizontally
and can take up a lot of space.
Space inside the built environment,
such as offices, banks, hotels and private
is becoming ever more limited and often
one choose to reduce the quantity of plants
and flowers or replace the altogether
with artificial plants. With ECOLOGY growing systems
which donít require soil we can at last
grow vertical walls, create separated space
using only flowers, or even write your company name
in flowers. There are no longer limits
to interior design with plants in every building
the system can be used to create a modern
and innovative atmosphere in which the plants
are a living element, the focus of our desire for nature.


ECOLOGY S.r.l. offers an innovative system
for plants and flower furnishing in vertical structures.
With our newly patented growing systems
we can bring a new branch of growth
to an environment previously limited
by vases filled with soil. The technology developed by ECOLOGY S.r.l. allows for joint ventures
with market leaders in the provision of interior
furnishing and design provides a breakthrough system
for green furnishing in vertical structures.