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As every year, Proserpina,
daughter of Ceres, the goddess of messengers,
returns to the underworld where she lives
four months a year as the wife of Pluto,
god of the underworld.
For Proserpina’s return,
Ceres celebrates her and unleashes the rebirth
of nature, with the great spring blossom.
Proserpina was described
by the poet Claudian (370-408 AD)
as one of the maidens
"...who collected flowers with deft movements,
a flower amidst flowers” and Pluto was
so struck by her he managed to make her his bride.
We have chosen the name of Proserpina
for our new patented device for plant growing,
that allows us to take the beauty of nature
into our homes.
Plants are no longer part of the furniture
and now become a live subject,
thanks to the new device created by Ecology.
The new system makes it possible
to grow plants vertically, to create striking effects.
Proserpina is back to change our workplaces:
increasingly technological offices,
banks and hotels in which
the lack of nature makes itself felt.

The Ecology device was first presented in Kiev,
during "Flowers & HortTech Ukraine 2006",
which was held from 11th to 13th April 2006
at the Ukrainian capital’s International Exhibition Centre.